How to realize grooved piping connection in fire pipeline system?What are the advantages?



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With the rapid development of economic and the increasing improvement of installation technology, grooved piping connection is widely used in the installation of fire pipeline systems. Well, how to realize the grooved piping connection in fire pipeline system? Let’s move on.

The installation process of grooved piping connection

For the grooved piping connection,roll grooving machine, hole cutting machine, pipe cutting machine and other equipment should be prepared in advance, then cut the pipe to required length with pipe cutting machine,it is needed to polished burrs in time if there is, then grooving→hole cutting →installation (mechanical tee and cross first, pipe later) →pipe pressure test .


Attentions for grooved piping connection of fire pipeline


1.Select pipes from formal manufacturers. Pipe material is an important factor affecting the connection quality. Unqualified pipes are easy to crack and damage when grooving, which will affect the tightness and service life of pipe joints.


2.The width and depth of the groove must meet the requirements. Grooving is the key process of grooved piping connection, and Inaccurate grooving will affect the quality of connection. It is recommended to use a brand roll grooving machine with complete functions and limit devices to make grooves, such as Tuwei branded roll grooving machine.


3.Select appropriate grooved piping fittings. There are many specifications of grooved piping fittings, which should be matched with appropriate size pipes according to construction requirements.


Advantages of grooved piping connection of fire pipeline

1.Easy and quick installation: the grooved piping connection requests grooving only for on-site installation by using standard parts, which greatly simplifies the working procedure, it is  twice faster than flanged piping connection. 


2.The original properties of the pipe are not affected: the grooved piping connection only uses a roll grooving machine to make a groove on pipe end, which will not damage the inner wall of the pipe.


3. Convenient maintenance: When the pipeline needs to be repaired or replaced, it only needs to loosen coupling to repair a section of pipeline without damaging the surrounding walls, which greatly reduces maintenance time and maintenance cost.

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