What is the difference between the plastic-lined pipe grooving machine for and ordinary roll grooving machine?



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Roll grooving machine as a special tool is used to make a groove on the pipe end then use a mechanical joint to connect two pipes. The working principle of roll grooving machine is that the rotating down roller drove by motor makes the pipe rotate, and the upper roller moves down and presses the pipe by shaking the pump handle, then forms the groove.  For general pipes, we can use ordinary roll grooving machines; for some special pipes, we need to use special roll grooving machines, such as plastic-lined pipes.

Why do plastic-lined pipes need to use a special rolling groove machine ?


Plastic-lined pipe is a kind of composite pipe, which not only has the mechanical properties of steel pipe, but also has the corrosion resistance of plastic. The inside of the plastic-lined pipe is a plastic layer, and the outside is a metal pipe. When grooving, improper selection of machinery and improper operation may cause the plastic-lined layer to fall off  or break. In consideration of the characteristics of plastic-lined pipes ,the plastic-lined pipe roll grooving machine is specially designed to prevent the damage of the plastic-lined layer, which can effectively improve the qualification rate of plastic-lined steel pipe groove.

What is the difference between the plastic-lined pipes roll grooving machine and the steel pipe roll grooving machine?


Compared with ordinary roll grooving machine, the plastic-lined pipe roll grooving machine is specially designed for  protecting the plastic-lined layer during grooving. The roller diameter is larger and the groove width is larger, which can increase the contact area , reduce local friction, and prevent the plastic-lined layer from falling off.

How to prevent the plastic-lined pipes layer from being crushed?

1.It is recommended to use a special roll grooving machine for plastic-lined pipes . 

2. The groove depth should be strictly required. Too deep will cause the plastic lining falling off, too shallow will not meet standards. The groove depth should be precisely controlled by roll grooving machine with limit device.

3.Control the  feeding speed, too fast will damage the plastic lining layer.


The above are the difference between the plastic-lined pipe grooving machine and ordinary roll grooving machine. Victaulic-Tuwei company has been deeply involved in the pipe tools industry. Roll grooving machines, pipe cutting machines, hole cutting machines, pipe threading machines and other products developed by Victaulic-Tuwei receive a good reputation because of its high quality and good performance. If you have any pipe tools needs or doubts, welcome to contact us for more information.


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