How to groove the plastic-lined pipe? Let’s share grooving methods and attentions for plastic-lined pipes with you 



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Plastic-lined pipe is a kind of composite pipe, which not only has the mechanical properties of steel pipe, but also has the corrosion resistance of plastic. It is widely used in chemical, biological, electric power, smelting, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other fields.


How to groove the plastic-lined pipe?


Due to the process characteristics of plastic-lined pipes, the grooving requirements of plastic-lined pipes are higher than those of ordinary galvanized pipes. Improper selection of machinery and improper operation may cause the plastic-lined layer to fall off  or break.



It is recommended to use the Tuwei brand plastic-lined  pipe roll grooving machine to groove the plastic-lined pipe. The plastic-lined pipe roll grooving machine is specially designed for protecting the plastic-lined layer during grooving, the roller diameter is larger and the groove width is larger, which can increase the contact area , reduce local friction, and prevent the plastic-lined layer from falling off. In addition, Tuwei brand roll grooving machines use rollers with diamond knurling, which can effectively protect the pipe comparinged with ruled  rollers.


Steps of using plastic-lined  pipe grooving machine


1. Cut the pipe to the required length with pipe cutting machine, and the pipe should be flat without burrs.

2. Place the pipe on the roll grooving machine and the support.

3. Place a gradienteron the pipe and adjust the height of pipe support to horizontal or 1 degree lower

4. The pipe end closely connects to the front of roll grooving machine , so that the central axis of the pipe is perpendicular to the front of the roll grooving machine.

5. Turn on the roll grooving machine and start grooving. Stop the machine groove depth is in place.

6. Release the relief valve, remove the pipe, and measure the groove depth with a groove ruler to confirm whether it meets the standard requirements.

Attentions for grooving plastic-lined pipes


1.It is recommended to use a special roll grooving machine for plastic-lined pipes .

2. The groove depth should be strictly required. Too deep will cause the plastic lining falling off, too shallow will not meet standards. The groove depth should be precisely controlled by roll grooving machine with limit device.

3.Control the feeding speed, too fast will damage the plastic lining layer.

4.The pipe ends should be flat, and the pipe should be placed stably to avoid walking off.



The above are the methods and attentions for grooving plastic-lined pipes , Zhejiang Victaulic Tuwei Piping Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of roll grooving machine,we have various models of the roll grooving machine for you to choose.  If you have any needs or doubts about the roll grooving machine, welcome to contact us.


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