Grooving production lines keep you competitive in the pipe grooving prefabrication industry



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Grooving is an important part of piping grooved connection. With the popularization of piping grooved connections, the demand of grooving has increased, giving birth to a new industry - pipe grooving prefabrication.


In the past, grooving is low efficient while high technical required as it is relied on labor, resulting in high costs and low profits. With the development of technology, the grooving production line has begun to be favored by enterprises. The grooving production line can realize fully automatic grooving operation, which is more simple and efficient, and make an great impact on the production method of traditional pipe processing enterprises. In addition, the quality of pipes processed by grooving production line is stable, and the groove standard is unified, which is convenient to the follow-up pipe connection. Considering efficiency, quality and cost, using grooving production line to process pipes has to be the best choice of many pipe manufacturers.


Tuwei grooving production lines


The followings are the six advantages of the grooving production line:


(1)Automatic operation. It is suitable for grooving pipes in various specifications automatically, equipped with a touch screen, which is simple and convenient to operate.


(2)Unified standard. The standardization of spec setting makes the groove consistent, regardless of the workers' grooving skills, guaranteeing the quality.


(3) Higher productivity. Fully automatic grooving can significantly improve work efficiency, shorten pipes grooving time, reduce costs, and improve enterprise competitiveness


(4) Convenient grooving. Both ends of the pipe are equipped with roll grooving machine, which can realize grooving at both ends without turning around.


(5)Grooving integration. The grooving production line is equipped with automatic loading and unloading functions, and the integrated design reduces the labor burden, especially for grooving large-diameter pipes.


(6) Maximize benefit. The grooving production line has a long service life, which can not only save labor, but also ensure quality, and can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.


Tuwei grooving production lines


With the continuous innovation and application of grooving production line, more and more industries will deploy grooving production lines in the future to realize automated production, improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness.


Victualic-Tuwei company, as an enterprise specializing in the production of roll grooving machine, closely follows the needs of users during the research and development of grooving production line. Tuwei grooving production line can automatically loading and unloading, automatically grooving. Selecting single station or  multi-station on demand, help customers achieve batch grooving, improve production efficiency and maintain competitiveness. If you have the needs of grooving production line, welcome to contact us to know more.


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