Pipe cutting process of grooved connection technology



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In recent years, grooved piping connection technology has become the first technology for liquid and gas pipeline connection due to its advantages, it is widely used in water supply systems, fire fighting system, HVAC systems and other fields. However, in order to obtain a good effect of grooved piping connection, it is inseparable from the precise control of each process.


Grooved piping connection has relatively high requirements on the pipe end, and  the pipe end must be flat and must be square cut from the centerline ,to ensure the quality of the groove and the tightness of interface. At present, the common pipe cutting methods include gas cutting, Grinding wheel cutting, sawing and so on.


1.Gas cutting technology


Gas cutting is the use of combustible gas and oxygen mixed combustion flame heat to preheat the cutting part of the workpiece to a certain temperature, and then spray a high-speed cutting oxygen stream to violently oxidize the metal and release heat, and use the cutting oxygen stream to blow the molten metal oxide Drop, and realize the cutting method. The surface of the pipe end after gas cutting is uneven, and even exist metal bumps, which cannot meet the requirements of grooved pipe connection, and needs to be polished, which is time-consuming , labor-intensive, and  costly.



2.Grinding wheel cutting technology


It is feasible to cut pipes with diameter < DN50 by grinding wheel cutter, but grooved piping connection is suitable for pipes with diameter ≥ DN50. When cutting with a grinding wheel cutter, it may not be possible to complete the one-time cutting, but multiple cuttings may cause uneven pipe ends, which cannot meet the requirements of grooved piping connection.

In addition, when cutting pipes by grinding wheel cutting machine, with the depth increasing, the pipe cannot move at all, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents .



3. Saw cutting technology


Saw cutting is a common pipe cutting method, which can be divided into manual cutting and mechanical cutting. When cutting the pipe manually, mark it in advance, make the saw blade perpendicular to the pipe and feed evenly. Different serrations are suitable for different pipe cutting requirements. The fine-tooth saw is labor-saving but slow, and is suitable for pipes with diameter < DN40 only; the coarse-tooth saw is fast but laborious, and is suitable for pipes with diameter between DN50 and DN150. When cutting the pipe mechanically, fix the pipe on the sawing machine, and use the saw blade to align the cutting wire then cut it.



4. Cutting technology of special pipe cutting machine


Pipe cutting machine adopts the cold extrusion process, which drives the pipe to rotate by the blade at a constant speed during cutting, and shakes the handle of oil pump to feed radial to the blade to achieve the purpose of pipe cutting. Cutting with a special pipe cutting machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good pipe end quality, wide application range, safety and reliability. Well, it is most reasonable to use a special pipe cutting machine to cut pipes for grooved piping connection.



The above are several processes of pipe cutting in grooved piping connection, Victaulic-Tuwei company  has been deeply involved in the pipe tools industry. Roll grooving machines, pipe cutting machines, hole cutting machines, pipe threading machines and other products developed by Victaulic-Tuwei receive a good reputation because of its high quality and good performance.


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