Application of grooved piping connection technology on stainless steel pipes



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Stainless steel pipes are recognized as environmentally friendly pipes with high strength, corrosion resistance, it can keep water pure during transportation. With the development of the economy and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, stainless steel pipe, as a new type of building material, has been maturely applied in water supply projects.


At present, press-connection and grooved piping connection are popular for stainless steel pipes. Press-connection is suitable for smaller diameter pipes and grooved piping connection is suitable for larger diameter pipes. The following reasons for you to know why is grooved piping connection favored?



1. Simple operation


Stainless steel pipe grooved connection is very easy to operate and no special skills are required. It only takes a few minutes to connect a fitting, which greatly simplifies the technical difficulty of on-site operation, saves man-hours, thereby stabilizes the project quality and improves work efficiency. In contrast, traditional welded and flanged piping connections are technically demanding, difficult to operate, and will cause welding fumes pollution.


2. No damage to pipes


Stainless steel grooved connection technology only uses a roll grooving machine to press a groove on pipe without damaging the inner wall structure of the pipe, which is the unique technical advantage of grooved piping connection. If welding is used, damage can be caused even if the inner wall of the pipe is corrosion-resistant.


3. Construction safety


Using grooved piping connection technology, only pipe cutting machine, roll grooving machine and wrench are required on site, and it is convenient to organize the construction. While using welded and flanged piping connection requires power cables, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders, much more complex. In addition, welded and flanged piping connection inevitably require long-term high-intensity aerial work, which poses a safety risks.



4. Easy maintenance


Stainless steel pipe grooved connection has unique flexibility to prevent vibration isolation, contraction and expansion of the pipe, provide greater stability and temperature tolerance than welded and flanged piping connections. The grooved piping connection is easy to operate and requiring small operating space. When the pipeline needs to be repaired or replaced, it only needs to loosen coupling to repair a section of pipeline without damaging the surrounding walls, which greatly reduces maintenance time and maintenance cost.


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