Application of grooved piping connection technology on steel-plastic composite pipes



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Steel-plastic composite pipe is a new type of ideal pipe for water supply pipeline project,which is made by lining (coating) a plastic layer with a certain thickness on the inner wall of the steel pipe, including plastic-lined steel pipe and plastic-coated steel pipe. Because of the comprehensive advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, it has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings water supply systems.


The main connection methods of steel-plastic composite pipes are threaded piping connection, flanged piping connection and grooved piping connection. Due to its own characteristics, threaded piping connection is only suitable for pipe with smaller diameters; flanged piping connection is a traditional connection method, which has been accepted by the public; grooved piping connection is an efficient and environmentally friendly new connection method, which is more and more popular in practical applications. Today, let's talk about the grooved piping connection technology on steel-plastic composite pipes.



Grooved piping connection process: preparation -  grooving- installation - pressure test


When the plastic-lined steel pipes are connected by couplings, the grooves can be processed on site for pipe installationby using roll grooving machines; When the plastic-coated steel pipes are connected by couplings, it is better to be measured on site, prefabricated in the factory, then installed on site.


The grooved piping connection can complete the connection between the pipes quickly with convenient maintenance  in the future. Among the above three connection methods, the grooved  piping connection has the following advantages:



1. Easy and quick installation: The grooved piping connection requests grooving only for on-site installation by using standard parts, which greatly simplifies the working procedure, and twice faster than flanged piping connection.


2.The original properties of the pipe are not affected: The grooved piping connection only uses a roll grooving machine to make a groove on pipe which will not damage the inner wall structure of the pipe, while threaded piping connection and flanged piping connection are easy to destroy the properties of the pipe.


3. Convenient maintenance: The grooved piping connection is simple to operate and requiring small operating space. When the pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced, it only needs to loosen coupling to repair a section of pipeline without damaging the surrounding walls, which greatly reduces maintenance time and maintenance cost.



4. Economical: Grooved piping systems require less work than flanged piping systems, it can save 10-20% of the construction cost. In addition, with the popularity of grooved piping connection in recent years, the price of grooved fittings has dropped significantly than before.


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