What are the working principle and application field of roll grooving machine?



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Roll grooving machine is a hydraulic tool used for grooving pipe end for pipe connection.


It is small,light and easy to move . It can process various metal pipes such as carbon steel pipe, galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe and so on, it is an important tool for pipe connection.


What is the working principle of roll grooving machine?


The principle of grooving machine is hard extrusion. Pipe put on the lower roller which driven by motor, shaking the hydraulic oil pump handle to make upper roller press the pipe then form a groove. The grooving machine is characterized by compact structure, flexible operation and beautiful shape.

What are the application fields of roll grooving machine?


The application fields of roll grooving machines are inseparable from the development of grooved piping connection. In the past, piping connection were generally made by welding, threading, flanges etc., but these methods would cause pollution, secondary galvanizing required, complicated installation and high cost to maintain. Many projects now choose grooved piping connection – an advanced way to connect pipes.


However, the grooved piping connections requires prefabricated grooves, and the roll grooving machine came into being. Due to its high processing efficiency, accurate dimension and small damage to the outer surface of the pipe, it has become an important equipment for grooved piping connection. At present, roll grooving machine is widely used in fire-fighting system, HVAC system, water supply system, petrochemical system, sewage treatment pipe system and other fields.



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