What is the difference between roll grooved pipes and cut grooved pipes?



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There are two types of pipe grooving, namely roll groove and cut groove, what is the difference between them?


The roll grooving requires a roll grooving machine, so that the pipe is driven to rotate by the lower roller, and the upper roller exerts pressure on the top to form a groove. The cut grooving, however, form a groove by physically removing material from the outer surface of the pipe. During the fabrication of a roll groove, the pipe is cold formed, and the groove can be formed without removing any pipe material. Compared with the cut grooving process, no cleaning is required, which greatly improves the grooving efficiency.


At present, most of the grooved pipes use roll grooving technology due to the simplicity of the grooving process, maximum joint performance. It is possible to roll a pipe in about 30 to 40 seconds per square inch as compared to a cut groove that takes one minute per inch. Additionally, the roll grooving process eliminates the application for cutting oil and the hassle of removing metal chips from the pipe.



Well, will roll grooving completely replace cut grooving?


The answer is negative. In some cases, cut grooving may be more useful. For example, if the pipe wall is extremely thick, cut grooving will offer an adequate groove. Another example, when the pipe is used to transport the solid such as sand, the cut grooving can effectively maintain the integrity of the inner wall of the pipe without raised part. Therefore, an appropriate grooving process should be selected according to the specific usage scenarios.



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