How to use the pipe cutting machine? What are the steps?



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Hydraulic pipe cutting machine is a common pipe tool. Its advantage is light weight, easy portability and easy on-site operation. The pipe cutting machine can cut carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, cast iron pipe and other pipes, which is widely used in pipe installation and maintenance.  Well, how to use the pipe cutting machine ? Today,  w Victualic-Tuwei will share the usages and notices of the pipe cutter with you.


1.Idling operation: start idling and check the rotation of the machine. Make sure the hydraulic oil is sufficient, don’t cut pipe when oil is insufficient .

2.Place the pipe: Choose the corresponding supporting roller set according to pipe size, Put the pipe on the roller and pipe stand, the pipe stand should be placed at a position equal to 3/4 of pipe, adjust pipe stand height to make the pipe at horizontal level. Be careful not to use the machine out of range.


3.Pipe cutting operation: Press the arm quickly, tighten the relief valve, shake the handle to make the blade touch the pipe. Plug the power, turn on the switch, choose the suitable speed, shake the feeding handle slowly to start cutting pipe. When the pipe is about to be cut off, stop shaking the handle, and let the blade continues to rotate a few times, the pipe will automatically cut off.


4.Check the pipe cut: After cutting finished, turn off the switch, release the relief valve, the arm will return to the initial position automatically, remove the pipe, and check the pipe cut.

5.Machine storage: After using, clean up the pipe cutter in time, especially the blade part.


As the old saying goes, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Pipe cutting requires good equipment. Tuwei pipe cutting machine is designed with cold extrusion process, no sparks, dust and metal iron filings, it is very safe. Well, according to the usage scenarios, Tuwei has designed different models, equipped with high-performance blade and stroke limit setting, which help to make your work more efficiency. It is a powerful tool for pipe cutting.



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