How to extend the service life of hole saw for hole cutting machine?



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As everyone knows, hole saw is an important consumable for hole cutting machine. The wear of hole saw has a great influence upon the efficiency, so it needs to be replaced when the hole saw is worn to a certain extent. To reduce wear and extend its life, Victaulic-Tuwei company offers the following suggestions:  


1. Clean hole saw in time


Regular cleaning will help to extend its service life. Clean your hole saws after each use to rid them of dust, chippings, and filings, which can make a hole saw bind in the material it is cutting or even strip and damage its saw teeth. Once a hole saw has been dulled to uselessness, it is difficult to resharpen it. Then store your hole saws in a secure, dry place to reduce the risk of them being damaged or corroded by the elements. 


2.appropriate use of cutting oil


When cutting hard materials, use a high quality cutting oil to assist with clearing chips. Cutting oil ensures a smoother cutting action and creates less friction, helping to keep it cooler which will extend the working life of your hole saw. Tuwei hole cutting machine is used for making hole on  stainless steel pipes, carbon steels pipes, cast iron pipes, and other hard material pipes, it is recommended to add cutting oil during operation.


3.Choose the right hole saw


Each kind of hole saw has its scope of application, and different materials and different saw teeth have different effects. Choosing the right hole saw will not only work efficiently, but also reduce wear and tear. Well,if the hole saw needs to be replaced, it is better to choose the original accessories.


4. Use the tool properly


When working, apply even pressure and make sure the hole saw teeth engage with the workpiece evenly, which will help to reduce erratic sawing action and prevent tooth strip page. And different cutting conditions, different kinds of materials opening speed will be different, according to the actual situation adjust the speed.


Good tools are essential to do the job well. Tuwei branded hole cutting machine chooses high-performance, low-noise gear motor as power, with strong torque and high work efficiency, which is very suitable for pipeline maintenance and installation.


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