Tuwei pipe cutting machine, safe pipe cutting, no sparks, no metal chips



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A pipe cutter is a type of tool used by plumbers to cut pipe. There are two types of pipe cutters. One is with saw blade, this is very fast Plastic and more convenient way to cut pipe, it always accompanies by spark, dusts and metal chips. The other one is with a pipe cutter which is a sharp wheel, based on the principle of hard extrusion. These are used by rotating it around the pipe and repeatedly tightening it until it cuts all of the way through.


Tuwei pipe cutting machine belongs to the second kind, which uses a motor-driven cutter wheel to rotate the pipe for rolling, and then cuts the pipe. No sparks, dust and metal chips are generated during the cutting process, which is extremely safe. It is also equipped with high-performance blade, which have good cutting performance and stroke limit, which shortens the no-load stroke during processing and has high work efficiency.Next, take Model TWQ-IIIA  as an example to show the Tuwei pipe cutting machine.


Model TWQ-IIIA pipe cutting machine is designed to cut 2inch to 12inch pipes or tubes. The critical spare parts of pipe cutting machine is cutter wheel, machine frame, motor, oil pump and pipe stand.


1, Cutter wheel

For pipe cutting machine, the important part is cutter wheel. No matter for roll grooving machine or pipe cutting machine, the principle is hard extrusion. Obviously, this cutting method is inefficient, but it is very safe. Tuwei make cutter wheel by itself, the material of cutter wheel is 42CrMo, after forging, machining, heat-treatment, get the required hardness. There is no problem for workers to use this cutter wheel in the construction site for half year. In addition to the high requirements of blade material and process, the match tolerance of related parts is important too. As it will lead to pipe running or cutter wheel broken easily if the match tolerance is too big or too small. How to control the tolerance? The control plan of part, assembly and the whole machine is need.


2, Machine frame

The machine frame is machined by CNC to ensure symmetry and fit tolerance of axial and radial dimensions, avoid pipe running. Model TWQ-IIIA have supporting roller holder to meet different pipe size from 2inch to 12inch. If workers cut the pipe from 2inch to 6inch, no need to move the supporting roller holder, but if workers want to cut pipe from 8inch to 12inch, they need to fold the supporting roller holder and put the pipe on the machine frame and pipe stand directly.


3, Motor

Same as roll grooving machine, the motor of pipe cutting machine is gear reducer motor with the output 23rpm and power 750W. Using a gear motor to multiply torque, and reduce speed helps to decrease the overall cost of operating the system. The efficiency and reliability of the gear motors offers benefits to an application immediately. Many gear motors are inexpensive to install and require little maintenance, meaning there will be less unscheduled downtime to repair the gears. 

4, Oil pump

The oil pump of pipe cutting machine is oil pump plus oil tank, the separate structure, Easy to use and less maintenance.


5, Pipe stand

Pipe stand is another important spare part for pipe cutting machine. Different from roll grooving machine, the pipe on the pipe cutting machine and pipe stand should be positioned horizontally. But it is same to put the pipe stand on the 3/4 pipe length. If pipe running appears, move the pipe stand to the left or to the right to solve the problem.


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