How to change the hydraulic oil of roll grooving machine  



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It is necessary to change the hydraulic oil if the roll grooving machine has been used for a long time to avoid not enough oil pressure. Well , how to change it? Take Tuwei banded  Roll Grooving Machine TWG-IIA as an example, the method is as follows:  


It is recommended to remove the oil pump assembly from the machine in order to prevent the oil overflowing and soiling the machine during oil changing. The disassemble method of oil pump is as follows:

When removing the oil pump assembly from the unit head, you shall shake the handle to make the slide and upper roll holder downwards to the lower position, loosen the 2 screws of piston fasten ring (See Fig.1) and the 10 crews (See Fig.2) of pump seat.


(2) Loosen the discharge oil plug screw (See Fig. 3) in the bottom of the oil pump,and use a container to receive the dirty hydraulic oil. Then screw the discharge oil plug after oil removing.

(3) Clean all the dusts near the added oil plug (See Fig. 3) in the top of the oil pump, then loosen the added oil plug and add hydraulic oil (while adding, slowly shake the handle of the oil pump, which can improve the refueling speed, please add 20# hydraulic oil to the oil pump). Screw the added oil plug after oil filling up.


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