How to use roll grooving machine?What’s the notices?



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Roll grooving machine as a special tool is used to make a grooved mechanical joining of two pipes. The working principle of roll grooving machine is that the rotating down roller drove by motor makes the pipe rotate, and the upper roller moves down and presses the pipe by shaking the pump handle, then forms the groove.  It is used for the installation of pipes such as fire, water, HVAC etc.

Well, how to use roll grooving machine? What’s the notices? Take Tuwei banded Roll Grooving Machine TWG-IIA as an example, the operation is as follows:

1. Choose the corresponding upper roller and down roller. (The sample pipe is 3inch pipe, choose upper rollerφ60-φ168 and down rollerφ89-φ168), then install them.


2. Put the pipe on the down roller and pipe stand, the pipe stand should be placed at a position equal to 1/3 of pipe, adjust pipe stand height to make the pipe 1 degree lower than the horizontal level.


3. Tighten the relief valve, shake the oil pump handle, make the upper roller downward and touch the pipe surface. Then stop it. Turn the limit nut down, let it contact the oil pump surface, check the groove depth on the form, if 3inch pipe, the groove depth is 1.98mm, turn round the limit nut 1.98mm up start at the red line, then turn the fastening nut down unit it touch the limit nut, then fix it. (one rotation of limit nut equals 2.5mm) 

4. Rotate the guide wheel to touch the pipe.


5. Plug the power, turn on switch, start machine.


6. Tighten the relief valve,shake the pump handle to start grooving.


7. Continue the grooving operation when the limit nut contact the oil pump surface. Allow the pipe to rotate additional one or two turns to make sure groove completed. Then turn off the switch, release the relief valve


8. Rotate the guide wheel to make it away from the pipe.


9. Remove the pipe and check the groove depth with PI tapes.


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