Safety Instructions for Roll Grooving Machine Operation



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Tuwei branded grooving machine is specially used for pipe grooving. Read and understand the safety instructions before using are very important.  Basic mechanical skills and good safety practices are required to operate this machine.  Even though machines are designed on working safely and reliably, it is difficult to foresee all the combinations of conditions that could lead to an accident.  Below are our recommended instructions for safe operation.  


1. Avoid using the tool in potentially dangerous environments. Do not expose the tool to rain, and do not use the tool in damp or wet locations. Do not use the tool on sloped or uneven surfaces. Keep the work area well lit. Allow sufficient space to operate the tool properly.


2. Ground the motor to protect the operator from electric shock. Ensure that the motor is connected to an internally grounded electrical source.


3. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical source before servicing the tool. Only authorized personnel should perform maintenance on the tool. Always disconnect the power cord from the electrical source before servicing or adjusting the tool.


4. Prevent accidental startups. Place the power switch in the “OFF” position before connecting the tool to an electrical source.


5. Prevent back injury. Always follow OSHA guidelines for safe lifting techniques when handling tool components.


6. Wear proper apparel. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, or anything that can become entangled in moving parts.


7. Wear protective items when working with tools. Always wear safety glasses, hard hat, foot protection, and hearing protection.


8. Keep hands and tools away from grooving rolls and stabilizer wheel during the grooving operation. Grooving rolls can crush or cut fingers and hands.


9. Do not reach inside pipe ends during tool operation. Pipe edges can be sharp and can snag gloves, hands, and shirt sleeves. Never reach across moving parts.


10. Do not over-reach. Maintain proper footing and balance at all times.


11.Do not process pipes beyond the applicable scope. Before processing the pipe, ensure that the pipe size, material and wall thickness conform to the applicable scope.  


12. Inspect the tool. Before using the tool, check all moveable parts for any obstructions.


13. Stay alert. Do not operate the tool if you are drowsy from medication or fatigue.


14. Keep visitors, trainees, and observers away from the work area. All visitors should be kept a safe distance from tool at all times.


15. Keep work areas clean. Keep the work area around the tool clear of any obstructions that could limit movement of the operator. Clean up any spills on the floor to prevent slips or falls.

16. Secure the work, machine, and accessories. Ensure that the tool is stable.


17. Support the work. Install pipe support and provide pipe support as required.  


18. Do not force the tool. Do not force the tool or accessories to perform any functions beyond the capabilities described in these instructions. Do not overload the tool.


19. Maintain tool with care. Keep the tool clean at all times to ensure proper and safe performance. Follow the instructions for lubricating tool components.


20. Use only Tuwei replacement parts and accessories. Use of any other parts may result in a voided warranty, improper operation, and hazardous situations.


21. Do not remove any labels from the tool. Replace any damaged or worn labels.


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