Piping connection, which type do you prefer to use?



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Piping connection is very important in engineering construction, which is directly related to the quality of projects. With the rapid development of the pipeline industry, there are more and more ways of piping connection. According to the occasions and material characteristics, we may need to choose different types of piping connection.        


01 Flanged Piping connection        


Flanged piping connection is pipe ends welded with flange,then using bolted and gaskets for connection. A flanged piping connection is not a permanent connection.        


The main features of flanged piping connection are convenient disassembly, high strength and well sealing performance. It is commonly applied to larger diameter pipes. However, the flanged piping connection is bulky and the corresponding price is very high.    


02 Welded piping connection        

Welded piping connection is one process where two faces of pipe edge are fused together by heat application. It usually includes fusion welding, pressure welding, brazing. With simple structure and neat pipeline, welded piping connection saves a large number of finalized pipe fittings; Tight interface without filler can reduce maintenance work; Applied to all diameters pipes will speed projects.    



But this is a permanent type of piping connection, difficult to disassemble and assemble. Meanwhile, the welded interface is easy to rust under long-term use. The welding quality highly depends on the welding skill, and it is difficult to control the connection quality. 


03 Threaded piping connection        

Threaded piping connection is one way to connect pipes with pipes, pipes with valves through internal and external threads, it is widely used for small bore piping having nominal diameters 2” or smaller. This is the oldest pipe joining method and still highly popular. But the notice is threaded piping fittings are used for non-critical applications with lower temperatures and pressure services.  



Threaded piping connection is applicable to galvanized pipes with diameter less than 100mm. and is mostly used for surface mounted pipes. Because the screw thread of threaded connection often destroys the surface of zinc coating, which will cause pipeline corrosion easily.     


04 Socket connection    


Socket connection is mainly used for cast iron pipe, concrete pipe, ceramic pipe and plastic pipe with socket joint, including flexible connection and rigid connection.    


Socket connection is mainly applicable to buried pipelines or pipelines laid along the wall. Asbestos cement and cement mortar are usually used as seals. Socket connection is greatly affected by geological conditions.    


05 Hot melt connection    


Hot-melt connection is to use a special heating tool to heat the polyethylene pipe or pipe fittings to be connected under pressure to melt, remove the heating tool, apply pressure to connect the two melting surfaces together and maintain it under a stable pressure for a while until the joint cools. It is widely used for PPR pipe, PB pipe, PERT pipe and so on. Hot melt connection mainly includes hot melt socket connection and hot melt butt welding connection. Hot melt connection has the advantages of simple connection, long service life and not easy to corrosion.   



In practical work, due to the high heating temperature or long heating time, the pipe will be oxidized and damaged. In serious cases, carbonization will occur, then followed by material deterioration.    


06 Press-connection    

The Press-connection is to connect pipe with pipe, pipe with fitting by radial contraction external force (hydraulic pliers) and sealed with O-ring. It is commonly used in thin-walled pipes connection.    


The press-connection is easy to install, especially suitable for the exposed pipes of cold-water system and direct-drinking water system. Due to the different.    


Metal Expand on Heating and Contract between the O-ring and metal, and the O-ring is easier to age after cold and heat cycle. Therefore, concealed pipes and hot water systems are generally not recommended to use press-connection.    


07 Grooved piping connection    


Grooved piping connection is an assembly of housings, an elastomeric gasket, and Nut-bolts to joint grooved end pipes, valves, fittings, and equipment nozzles. The grooved piping connection has the advantages of fast, simple, safe, reliable, economical, welding free and pollution-free installation, labor cost saving, it can absorb the pipeline noise and vibration transmission, it can bear thermal expansion and cold contraction when using, it is convenient for pipeline maintenance and is not limited by the installation site.  



As a simple and efficient way of piping connection, grooved piping connection can be either exposed or buried, and customer can choose rigid joints or flexible joints. It has a wide range of application. At present, it is widely used in fire protection, HVAC, water supply, petrochemical, thermal power, shipbuilding and military pipeline systems.    


There is no doubt that  grooved piping connection, as an advanced piping connection method, has gradually replaced the two traditional piping connection methods of flanged and welded. Under the guidance of national regulations and policies, it must be the general trend in the future. Then, as a necessary tool for grooving, grooving machine gradually stands out among pipe tools.  Tuwei branded roll grooving machine, with high quality and performance, is an ideal tool for projects in the construction industry.    


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