What are the operating procedures of the roll grooving machine  



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Due to the lack of attention to safety issues, accidents occur from time to time during pipeline system installation, mechanical accident is one of the most common accidents. Roll grooving machine, as a special pipe tool,must be operated inaccordance withthe operating procedures. The followings are the operating rules of the roll grooving machine recommend by Victualic-Tuwei.


(1)The operating procedures of the roll grooving machine


1.Check the workpiece: the pipe end should be flat without burrs, and the welded pipes inner should be smoothed;

2.Inspect the equipment:Check whether the power supply meets the requirements to prevent motor from damage. Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, notice the machine will not work properly if there is not enough oil inside.


3.Place the pipe: Put one end of the pipe on the knurl wheel of the machine, and the other end on the pipe support, the pipe support should be placed at 2/3 of the total length of the pipe. then adjust the height of pipe support to horizontal or 1 degree lower.

4.Adjust groove depth: Tighten the relief valve, shake the oil pump handle, make the upper roller downward and touch the pipe surface. Then turn the limit nut down, let it contact the oil pump surface, check the groove depth on the nameplate , and rotate limit nut to the appropriate scale then fix it with fastening nut.

5.Grooving operation: Plug the power, start the roll grooving machine, and slowly shake the handle of the oil pump to start groove. When the limit nut contacts the oil pump surface, allow the pipe to rotate additional one or two turns to make sure groove is completed, then turn off the switch.

6.Measure groove depth: Release the relief valve, remove the pipe, and measure the groove depth with a PI ruler.

(2) FAQ of roll grooving machine


1. Why can't make the upper roll downwards when shaking the handle of oil pump?

①The pump pressure is insufficient –add or change hydraulic oil.

②pipe is beyond the capacityof the machine—use suitable roll grooving machine.

③The oil pump sealing ring cannot be sealed—change the sealing ring


2. Why does the pipe walk off when grooving?

①Placing the pipe stand in an unreasonable position—adjust the pipe stand

②Pipe ends are not flat--need to be polished.

③The oil pump feeds too fast—adjust the feeding speed

④Rollers are mismatched --choose the correct rollers.

⑤The machine leans forward, is not horizontal—adjust the machine.


3.Why does the pipe end crack or the flare is out of specification after grooving?

①The machine leans forward, is not horizontal—adjust the machine.

②The position or height of the pipe stand are incorrect—adjust the pipe stand.

③ The hardness of the pipe is too high—Choose suitable pipe or choose suitable machine.

④The oil pump feeds too fast—adjust the feeding speed

⑤Rollers are mismatched --choose the correct rollers.

⑥Thepipe OD is approaching the upper limit or exceeds the upper limit.

(3)Attentions for roll grooving machine


1.Ensure that the motor is connected to an internally grounded electrical source .make sure that the voltage is consistent with the requirement of the roll grooving machine before use.


2.Do not reach inside pipe ends, keep hands and tools away from grooving rolls and stabilizer wheel during the grooving operation.


The above are the attentions when operating the rollgroove machine, Zhejiang Victaulic Tuwei Piping Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of roll grooving machine,we have various models of the roll grooving machine for you to choose. If you have any needs or doubts about the roll grooving machine, welcome to contact us.


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