What are the steps of steel pipe roll grooving?What's the notice?



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Grooving is required if you choose coupling to connect pipes. and it is important to make a standard groove as the quality of grooving will directly affect the project quality. Well, Victualic-Tuwei, one manufacturer of  roll grooving machine in China, will share our operation steps and some points that need attention during grooving.


1, Before first grooving


Drive the machine always before the first grooving to check whether everything seems normal. When servicing, setting groove depth or changing pinch rollers or knurl wheels, the machine should always be switched off.



2, Preparing the pipe 


Pipes are square cut. After cutting it is important to make sure that pipe end is free from burrs, dirt and oil. Control especially the area from the pipe end to the groove end. Chamfer must not exceed 1.5 mm. With hot-dip galvanized and powder coated pipes ensure that no flaking occurs on the gasket seating surface. If so, the entire surface is sanded clean and afterwards treated with anti-rust paint for powder-coated pipes and zinc paint for galvanized pipes. Note that powder-coated pipes have plastic coating which may crack when machining is performed. We recommend that the surface is first sanded, then grooved and treated with anti-rust paint.


3, Placing the pipe


Place the end of the pipe on the knurl wheel of the machine and the other end on the pipe support. Pipe support should be placed on ¾ of the total pipe length from the grooving machine. Target support for the pipe so that the pipe is aligned towards the machine. Turn height adjustment handle on the pipe support so that the pipe is horizontally level or slopes 1-2 degrees towards the pipe support.



4, Adjusting groove depth 


Test grooving should always be performed after setting groove depth and after changing pipe size. Tighten the relief valve, shake the oil pump handle, make the upper roller downward and touch the pipe surface. Then stop it. Turn the limit nut down, let it contact the oil pump surface, check the groove depth on the form, if 3inch pipe, the groove depth is 1.98mm, starting from the red line, rotate the limit nut 1.98mm up, then turn the fastening nut down until it touches the limit nut, then fix it. (one rotation of limit nut equals 2.5mm)


5, grooving and check the groove depth


Rotate the guide wheel to touch the pipe. Plug the power, turn on switch, start machine. Tighten the relief valve, shake the pump handle to start grooving. Continue the grooving operation when the limit nut contacts the oil pump surface. Allow the pipe to rotate additional one or two turns to make sure groove completed. Then turn off the switch, release the relief valve. Rotate the guide wheel to make it away from the pipe. Remove the pipe and check the groove depth with PI tapes.



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