Common Faults and Settlement of roll grooving machine



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When using roll grooving machine, it is inevitable to encounter some hiccups, so it is necessary to get several skills. Well,  Tuwei has done the sorting for you.


Question:  Why does pipe always runs when grooving?

Answer:1. Placing the pipe stand in an unreasonable position—request left or right adjustment.

2. Pipe ends are not flat--need to be polished.

Question: Why can't make the upper roll downwards when shake the handle of oil pump?


1. The pump pressure is insufficient –add or change hydraulic oil.

2. Steel pipe is too hard and too thick, which is beyond the scope of the machine.—use the suitable roll grooving machine.


Question: why is A dimension or B dimension incorrect after grooving?


1. Pipe runs--adjust the pipe stand.

2. The steel pipe is not put in place--reset.

3. Using mismatch lower roller and upper roller—Choose correct rollers.

4. The slope of the pipe end is out of specification --cut the pipe ends vertically.  

Question: why is loud squeaks echo created when grooving?


1. Improper placement of steel pipes—adjust the pipe stand.

2. Pipe is rubbing excessively hard on the lower roll--Remove pipe from machine and apply grease to the face of pipe ends.

3. The slope of the pipe end is out of specification --cut the pipe ends vertically.


Question: Why does the pipe end have flares or cracks after grooving?


1. The machine leans forward, is not horizontal—adjust the machine.

2. The position or height of the pipe stand are incorrect—adjust the pipe stand.

3. The hardness of the pipe is too high—Choose suitable pipe or choose suitable machine.

4. The oil pump feeds too fast—adjust the feeding speed

5.Rollers are mismatched --choose the correct rollers.


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