Solving skills for pipe walking off during grooving



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Pipe walking off is one of the most common problems in the use of roll grooving machine. Running inwards will wear the pipe end, while running outwards will cause grooving failure. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some skills to avoid pipe walking off during grooving.

Why pipe will work off during grooving?


There are various reasons for pipe walking off, it is usually related to whether the pipe support is placed in place or not, whether the roller is installed correctly or not,whether the pipe end is flat or not, whether the machine is placed stably or not , etc.


Solving skills for pipe walking off during grooving


Well, what if the pipe walks off during grooving? How to avoid it? Problem-solving skills are as follows: 

Attention: use a short pipe with the length 350mm to test whether it walks off or not, if short pipe is ok to be grooved, see the follows


1.Place roll grooving machine stably. Place the machine on a smooth and spacious site to avoid vibration or tilt which will affect grooving.


2.The pipe ends meet the requirements of grooving. It is needed to check the pipe before grooving, the pipe end should be flat without burrs, and the welded pipes inner wall should be smoothed.


3.Place the support reasonably. Put one end of the pipe on the lower roll of the machine, and the other end on the pipe support, the pipe support should be placed at 2/3 of the total length of the pipe, then adjust the height of pipe support to horizontal or 1 degree lower. If the pipe walks off during grooving, try to adjust the position and height of the support.


4.Place the pipe correctly. The pipe end should be closely connected to the front of roll grooving machine, and the central axis of the pipe should be perpendicular to the front of the roll grooving machine. If not, readjust the height or position of the pipe support.



5.Don't grooving too fast, and shake the oil pump handle slowly and evenly.

The above are some skills to solve the problem of pipe walking off during grooving. If a pipe walks off, you can review the above items. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer for maintenance. 


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