Application of grooved piping connection technology on galvanized steel pipes



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Despite the continuous emergence of new materials in construction projects, galvanized steel pipes are still dominant in construction and installation projects. Threaded piping connection is only suitable for small-diameter pipes; flanged piping connection is complex and expensive to install; welding will destroy the galvanized layer, requiring secondary galvanizing, which is difficult to achieve. In order to overcome these problems, a pipe connection method that effectively protects the galvanized layer of pipes is gradually being recognized, utilized and promoted. This is grooved piping connection.


Steps for galvanized steel pipe grooved connection


1. Use a roll grooving machine to make grooves with standard depth


2. Place the rubber sealing rings on the outside of the connected pipes



3. Install the coupling on the outside of the rubber sealing ring, and match them with the grooves


4. Place the bolts in the coupling bolt position and tighten the nuts


5 Doing pressure test to test the tightness of the pipeline


The advantages of galvanized steel pipe grooved connection


1.High installation efficiency. Grooved piping connection can effectively save labor time and improve work efficiency, especially in large-diameter pipes, the installation speed is 2-3 times faster than traditional connection methods.


2. Small damage to pipes. The grooved piping connection only makes a groove on the outer surface of the pipe with a roll grooving machine, which can protect the galvanized layer and prolong the service life of the pipe.


3.Convenient maintenance. Pipe connected by thread needs to dismantle many places even one point leaking only; Maintenance of welded pipeline requires many construction equipment; grooved pipes only require a flexible wrench during maintenance.



4. Environmentally friendly. The waste generated by the threaded connection includes cooling oil and wire chips, and welding slag and toxic and harmful gases will be generated during welding, while the groove connection does not have these wastes.


The above is application of grooved piping connection technology on galvanized steel pipes. Victaulic-Tuwei company has been deeply involved in the pipe tools industry. Roll grooving machines, pipe cutting machines, hole cutting machines, pipe threading machines and other products developed by Victaulic-Tuwei receive a good reputation because of its high quality and good performance。


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